The Makeshift Miracle
by Jim Zubkavich

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April 13th, 2002

Hi Everyone,

If you're reading this that means that you're at the old location for the site. The Makeshift Miracle main site has moved from Keenspace to Comics 2 U thanks to the efforts of one of my friends at Modern Tales, Barrett Lombardo.

Keenspace was a great place to start the site out on, but now that Makeshift has grown, I figured it was time to spread out to more spacious surroundings and spend some money on hosting. This way you can all enjoy the site free of any ads and I can have more access. Thanks go to all the staff at Keen for their efforts. The Space and Spot community has been very kind.

If you got here by typing, then you should use If that still brings you here, the DNS for my .com address is still rerouting and you can reach the site through until it rolls over.

Jim Zubkavich

- What is The Makeshift Miracle? -

The Makeshift Miracle is a free web comic chronicling the surreal coming-of-age adventures of Colby Reynolds, a teenager disillusioned with life and his future. Each Chapter is between 20-25 pages. New pages of the story are uploaded on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Makeshift Miracle was hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.